Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

What a Wonderful Christmas we've had! The house was filled with presents, paper, bows, food, family and shrieks from children- both joyous and not! We had our traditional brunch with ham or sausage stratas. For the first time ever I added a little section of sauteed mushrooms, onions, and red peppers to each strata. WOW! Loved that! We had both almond paste and cream cheese danishes from a wonderful bakery in town. We enjoyed banana squash, bacon, and hmm...already forgetting! Eggnog, milk and oj. All delicious.

We had a snowstorm come in and little teeny snowflakes were falling most of the night. A Big storm came in Christmas Day and kept Michelle and Bri and Jill and Paul here with the kids sleeping over! FUN! We played games and chased and changed babies and kissed hurts. A great day. We exchanged fun and thoughtful gifts. The kiddies were so fun to watch. Later in the day Santa came in and visited with the children. Even though Elizabeth knew it was our own special helper, Papa John, she didn't want to sit on his lap! But the others were great- Will was a little scared but stayed for a sec. Long enough for pics!

We have been eating all sorts of wonderful terrible food! Delicious, but "you're gonna pay for this" food! I'm tired of rich wonderful meats and desserts and seriously would like a salad! My favorite, grapes and yogurt, are keeping me sane, along with my crushed ice... I'm needing to make a list and check it twice to remember what gifts I received because it was a whirlwind day!

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