Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I just returned from Charleston, South Carolina after 3 wonderful weeks. August may not be the best time to visit because of the humidity, but it all felt great to me. As long as I got to the air conditioning or shady side of the street quickly! It was such a fun trip. John came for 2 weeks and Caroline for 1. We went to the beach multiple times and hit all the traditional favorites- the Market, Market Street Sweets for pralines, Waterfront Park, Farmer's Market for breakfast, Sunrise Park, the new pier at Mt. Pleasant. We ran the Cooper River Bridge and tried to run to the top to look down on a container ship coming through. We didn't make it- it was so fast! But when we looked at the bow of the ship we could see a dolphin jumping the wake at the front over and over again! It was so cool!

One day when we went to Sunrise Park we saw 10 dolphins and at least 7 the next time! One was especially playful and we saw his flippers every time he surfaced. Some were babies. The bigger, older ones were "scouts", swimming a little ahead and a little to the side, leading the way and making sure it was safe.

We had some good rain- every afternoon and a night or 2 the first week and only a couple times after that.

There was the Hassell/Tison Reunion the first Saturday and it was nice seeing family. We had a fun visit at Mama's after the reunion with 2nd cousin, Keith Waters, his wife Becky, and 2 of their daughters and a granddaughter. We laughed alot- that was the best.

We ate at all the faves- Bessinger's, California Dreamin', and S&S. Atlanta Bread Company fell from grace, but new places Camille's and Mc something or nother, took it's place well.

We cooked and cooked and gained weight. Worth it.

Mama, John and I went to Biltmore~ that was a highlight! What a beautiful place! And a love story! Then we drove along the Blue Ridge- gorgeous! It's been too long since I've seen them.

This needs to be part one, because there's so much more. Here are a few pics to spread the joy!

Then we came home to beautiful Utah. Dry air, blue skies, big mountains, apples on our trees. How can paradise be in two places?


Mel said...

That looks like fun. I missed running with you across that bridge. And that scenery picture was beautiful! I'm glad you had fun, but it's nice to have you back.

MichelleChud said...

Fun post Mom. Glad you had so much fun. Hey.. that's what Mel said too. funny. Looks like a good time. Wish I could have gone. Boohoohoo.

Caroline said...

Ah man, I'm totally hunching in the pic with Caroline. Oh well, Love the others. I actually rather like the bridge pic. Way to finally update the blog- I'm proud of you!

Caroline said...

.........update your blog.........

nannykim said...

Yup, I live 2 hours from Charleston and it is still one of our favorite spots. Thanks for the tip about not storying my doilies in the plastic bag--I did wonder about it because I knew plastic can do that to your clothing...Guess I will put them in a pillow case...will that work??

nannykim from spindle cottage!

Lisa said...

Yes- pillowcases work great!. Let's them breathe, but keeps dust out... You've got me thinking about my own linen closet. Darn it. But first, back to my husband and 4 trees worth of apples. Just starting apple butter now and next, pie filling! I want to take a book and sit outside in the beautiful fall.
I LOVE Charleston and when we go home we always play tourist and go see homes and walk all the streets downtown and go to the market.