Monday, January 19, 2009

16 things about me

16 things about me 5:28pm
1. Lord Ashley Cooper is my 11th great- uncle. He never came to America and although the family astrologer said he was born under a very favorable star, he died in exile. I just thought I came from Georgia hog growers and tobacco farmers until I found Ashley about 12 years ago~ now I'm SOMEBODY! Ha! So...I like genealogy.
2. My family and I compose- mainly Christian music. Our girls and I have sung all around. It's so fun to sing together. My next song is country- "Any man'll do- how 'bout you?" Certainly not my own personal feelings about my John!
3. I enjoy cooking- today I made 4 loaves of whole wheat bread and 1 batch of monkey bread(cinnamon/sugar wheat rolls). I love bringing Bessinger Mustard Bar-B-Q sauce from home and slow cooking pork loin all day, then shredding it and saucing it and putting it on a bun~ which I am doing right now. I'm hungry! Just wish I could make those onion rings....
4. I lost weight and have kept it off 6 years now. I watch what I eat and exercise. I realized that things were showing up in my siblings- cholesterol, blood pressure- and diabetes from Daddy and saw the road I was on. I want to live while I live.
5. I love running- which is so not me. But running is easier than walking. I just kept going faster 'til it was easier to just run. Not a marathoner- what's the point?
6. I love entertaining- I love parties and wish I'd throw more. Christmas saw about 85 women here and the next week we had 8. Loved both.
7. I'm a info-maniac(!).I seem to know a little about alot. I'm a reference for friends and their children. Things just stay in my head. And timing can be so weird- for example- not a knowledge thing, but this is how it works- my youngest is taking a jogging class at school. We girls were at lunch and she mentioned how far she has to run for the semester and a sister said that Caroline could use a pedometer. "Funny thing", said I. I pulled a pedometer out of my jacket pocket! I"d just come from a hospital open house (they didn't know that) and they handed pedometers out! Crazy! That happens to me with info, too.
8. Apparently I like to talk. Just see how much info I'm putting down here! I make friends everywhere and it amazes my husband. The other day I heard a southern accent and asked the lady where she was from. Texas- but not really. She lived there long enough to pick up the accent. I know tons more than that about her and she about me. We talked about losing our fathers and children and living in Utah and so much more. That is what retail therapy is- I don't have to buy- just connect!
9. I scoffed at alot of alternative medicine and treatments---until I met my own quack! He's caused miracles for me and about 100 other people I've sent to him. Including my 3rd granddaughter, Maya. A miracle for her parents. We're hoping for another miracle for them now.
10. I'm amazed at the love that exploded within me when I became a grandmother. I love my girls so much and always knew I'd be a fabulous gma and love those kids, but WOW! Overwhelmed with love.What a blessing!
11. I love public speaking and teaching. Not the same as #8. For the past 2 years I've been blessed to teach adult Sunday School. I love it! I love class interaction.
12. I love music. I've been the church choir director for 10 years. LOVE IT!! Practice can get old, but performing is such a high! Especially when we're blessed to sing beyond our ability and preparation time! (Which is just about every time!). When they have sung songs I've just doesn't get better than that! I've been wondering how to get a spiritual into all these Western people! They need some Southern soul!
13. Along with number 12- I love to sing. Most of the time I have to sing tenor, since those are usually scarce. I've been pushed about trying out for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This may be the year. I love all kinds of is my number one now, but jazz, rock, new age, rap-not so much.
14. I love to sew. Don't do it often now, but I've enjoyed it. Made the girls prom dresses and Easter dresses and cute skirts, shorts, tops. Their heights are 5'9 1/2", 5'10 1/2", 5'10 3/4" and 6'1, so you can see that shopping for them isn't always fun- nothing's long enough! And a few quilts and drapes.
15. I love decorating our home- it's a house plan from Charleston. Wrap around porch, white siding, wood floors. Would be common there, but is unusual here. Here it has a balcony and a basement- no basement in Chas! Love it.
16. I love John. He is an amazing man. He's so unselfish and is so supportive and complimentary and caring of me. Heavenly Father was truly good to me when our paths crossed. We just celebrated 30 years in September and I'm hoping for 50 more!
There's more I love but that's more than you probably wanted to know!


MichelleChud said...

Fun to read Mom. All true. And MOTAB's huh? Maybe you and Bri could carpool. Ha!

Mel said...

That was fun to read. I knew all of it, but it's fun to see what things you pick out about yourself. Thanks fro sharing that yummy bbq and watching will yesterday.

The Muse said...

Incredibly intriguing!

Paul and Jill said...

love it ma! funny to read! and you should do motabs! you and "rich" could be best buddies! hehe

The Muse said...

thanks for the blog was so nice to "meet" you!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

This was a great intriguing. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Your kind words touched my heart. I hope to see you again soon. Hugs ~lynne~

santamaker said...

Hi there,
I'm so happy to meet you...WoW! You come from some interesting and impressive roots! It must be hard not to live in the beautiful city of Charleston. We've only touched the surface but plan to see more each time we go visit our daughter. Your meme was very interesting. How did you lose your weight? Good job for keeping it off!

Cathy said...

Hi there!

I stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading it!! We have a lot in common as I am a Charleston girl, too! (Tenth generation) You sound like you miss Charleston as much as I do. My husband and I both grew up in Charleston and most of our family is still there. We currently live in the upstate. It's nice here, but not the same as the low country. We drive down every chance we get and are heading down there this weekend. Lord Ashley Cooper...LOVE IT!! Take care and I will continue to follow your blog!