Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holy Cow! As in Holy City Cow!

Do you recognize this cow? She is one of the most memorable icons of my childhood- the Coburg Dairy cow. She has been dancing around this sign for all the years I can remember. She's got on her holiday outfit, looking cheerful! (Drinking all that eggnog..!) I had to take her pic this past November when I was home. I always wanted to climb up there and go for a ride.....

Here are the beautiful fall colors right by my favorite Market Store- Market Street Sweets- better pralines than New Orleans! Gitcher free samples!

And a beautiful fiery sunset- ending another perfect Charleston day- there are so many!


MichelleChud said...

Fun pics. I do know that cow! Great sunset pic!

Paul and Jill said...

wow mom! are you an official blogger now? i had no idea you even had one! thanks for telling me! great pics! love you so much. thanks for all the work and time you spent making our holidays so fun and delicious. your the best ma!