Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year

I watch a few blogs in the blog world and many of them are writing out their goals for the new year. That's something I gave up a few years ago. I can start a new challenge ANYtime- why wait until January? But do I? Something to think about. Some took the year and divided it into "focuses" like balance in January, meditation in February, inspired in March,.. I thought that was a good idea, one that gives a year's growth in different areas. I could even do that with the house projects- 2 bathrooms in January- do they need paint? caulk? cleaning out drawers? More of the deep cleaning than the surface cleaning... I like that.

Now, will the rest of the world stop running crazy so I can get something done??


MichelleChud said...

Ha! Great idea. Let me know how it goes. Of course, I guess I can just look at the bathrooms and find out for myself. :)

Paul and Jill said...

i got you in my blog addresses now, so i'll check often! good idea on the goals. i just read my pat.blessing and go from there. it helps me make sure im on track. anyway...good luck on the bathrooms!